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High-Quality Adventures Have a New Address in New South Wales!

RV Central is proud to be associated with Great Aussie Caravans! Great Aussie Caravans is renown for its cosy high-quality caravans. RV Central and Great Aussie Caravans combine to get you your very own home away from home to take on your adventures without compromising on your comfort. We are on a mission to let you take your home on wheels everywhere on your adventures! Redefining the way, you look at and enjoy your holidays!

By teaming up with the only manufacturer to offer you the choice of such different builds, RV Centrals allows you to check out caravans in timber, aluminium, and completely timber-free.

Timbertech and Allytech caravans from Great Aussie Caravans!

Allytech: Premium quality boxed aluminium walls, XPS foams insulation, CNC furniture and Honeycomb floor to last in the toughest conditions.

Timbertech: Supreme quality timer walls with CNC furniture and external aluminium wall claddings to avoid damages from all that the weather can throw at you. Quality-assured one-piece floor and external fibreglass roof for enhanced quality and standard.

We are offering a first-of-its-kind choice in caravans. It's never been so easy to choose one of our many layouts, choose one of the four builds and then choose a Touring, semi off-road or full off-road van. Depending on the model, we offer a 5-year structure and a 2-year General Warranty. Everything is done under one roof; we don’t believe in outsourcing jobs to other suppliers. This is the best way to maintain the high quality and engineering standards that go into your 100% Australian Owned & Manufactured vans.

Couple Vans

On raod Vans

Go Your Own Way In Style In Our Touring Model

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on road
Semi off road Vans

Experience The Magic Of Your Journey In Our Semi Off Road Model

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semi off road
Fully off road Vans

Embark On An Adventure On Tough Outdoor Roads In Our Fully Off-Road Model

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fully off road

Family Vans

Family on road
Tribate ourer_logo

Family Holiday Of A Lifetime In Our Tribal Tourer

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family on road
Family semi off road
Tribate gravity_logo

Set Off On An Adventure Filled With Family Fun In Our Semi Off Road Model

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Family semi off road
Family fully off road
Tribate xplora_logo

Get Ready For Family Adventure In Fully Off Road Model

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Family fully off road

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