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Find the best new campers for sale in Sydney, RV Central stocks the latest campers to buy in Western Sydney, The North Coast or the South Coast of NSW. You’ll find a massive selection from the new camper manufacturer Avan. No more tents; get yourself the security of a full aluminium body, easy setup and plenty of room in an Avan camper.


Check out our range from the Sportliner, Cruiseliner and Adventure pack Avan campers. With an ease of towing rarely found in the caravan and camping world, an Avan camper is the new camper in Sydney. Lightweight, easy to manoeuvre and even easier to store. There’s no need to hire a storage yard when you take home an Avan.

Buy New Campers Now!

With off-grid caravanning growing in popularity and off-road adventure around every corner, why not find the latest campers for sale in Sydney at RV Central? You can also ask the team about setting your new camper up for off-grid free camping!


We have a massive selection of new campers for sale at our Western Sydney location at the bottom of the beautiful Blue Mountains. 


So if you live anywhere in NSW, we can help with your next adventure. Whether you’re a solo traveller with a dog, a van-lifer, a grey nomad or a small family looking for outback adventures, we’ll have a camper in stock suited to your next holiday. So if you are in the market to buy a new camper, take a look around our online showroom and call the team at RV Central.


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